Saint Paul, Minnesota

Republic of Georgia 2008

As a result of the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008 and the destruction of homes, thousands of Georgians were made homeless and seeking shelter in abandoned buildings around the country. Working with Mercy Corps, Action Against Hunger and UMCOR, I spent time moving around the country documenting some of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) and their temporary shelters as well as relief efforts by these organizations. We also visited rural areas of the country to document some of the agricultural work being accomplished on behalf of the Georgians.

Haiti 2008

Working closely with clinics, hospitals and an orphanage in Haiti, Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) is providing badly needed funding, medical supplies and advice to these institutions. Haiti, with 80% of it's population living in poverty is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Kenya/Rwanda 2006

In the forefront of HIV/AIDS education and treatment, International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs throughout Kenya and Sub Sahara Africa.

Pakistan Earthquake, October 2005 (gallery currently offline)

An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 causes immense damage with an estimated 73,000 dead and 70,000 homeless. Humanitarian organizations from around the world rushed to assist the displaced, sick and dying with tents, food/water, blankets and medical aid before the onset of winter. Working for CARE USA and International Medical Corps., these images were made in the towns of Balikot and Banna in the Alai valley at the foot of the Himelayas.

Banda Aceh, Indonesia 2005-After the tsunami (gallery currently offline)

In one of the largest relief operations ever, I spent 10 days on the island of Sumatra documenting the post tsunami conditions for the U.N. High Commission for Refugees. Near the epicenter of the earthquake, Banda Aceh was one of the hardest hit areas with massive destruction to homes, businesses and infrastructure. Tens of thousands were left dead and homeless.

Sri Lanka-Cambodia 2003, Reflections on a Civil War (gallery currently offline)

Documenting development and relief efforts in Jaffna, Northern Sri Lanka and Cambodia for CARE USA and Action Against Hunger. A civil war between the Tamil Tigers and government troops has brought death, hardship and destruction to land and lives in this former colonial island nation.

China, Three Gorges Dam Project: Oct. 2001-2002 (gallery currently offline)

Documenting construction of the most powerful hydroelectric dam in the world and its effects on the historical villages along the Yangtze River. Villages and archaeological sites that will cease to exist after 2003 when the river valley is flooded.

Boxing in Chang Mai (gallery currently offline)

A short photo slide-show on child Thai Boxers.

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Southeast Asia: February/March 2001 (gallery currently offline)

Documenting Burmese refugees and relief operations in Thailand for American Refugee Committee with a side trip to Cambodia.

Sierra Leone / Liberia / Guinea: 2000 (gallery currently offline)

Documenting refugee relief efforts by the U.N. High Commission for Refugees and a variety of other relief organizations. People fleeing civil war in Sierra Leone return home to find much of their country in ruins.

Havana Cuba (gallery currently offline)

Cuban street scenes, people, places and things, and a short essay featuring a rally in Havana, Cuba in support of the return of Elian Gonzalez.